Why will British Gas start supplying my energy? 

AvantiGas ON have decided to exit the mains gas supply market and British Gas are delighted to take over the contract to supply gas to your business.

You're in safe hands. Together with British Gas we will do everything we can to make this a smooth transfer for you.

Will I lose my gas supply?

No. Your energy supply will continue uninterrupted through the transfer process. 

Will I stay on the same plan?

Yes. Your terms and conditions, and any agreed fixed prices, will stay the same until the end of your contract term.

What will happen when fixed term contract ends?

If your plan is due to end soon, we will be in touch with you before your plan ends to let you know what happens next.

I've already agreed my next contract with AvantiGas ON, will there be any changes to what I've agreed?

If you've already agreed your next fixed term contract, it will transfer to your new British Gas account. The terms and conditions, and any fixed prices, you agreed with AvantiGas ON will stay the same until the end of your contract term.

When will I join British Gas?

British Gas will start setting up accounts in November 2022. We expect to have everyone transferred to British Gas by the end of January 2023.

Who should I pay for the gas I use?

AvantiGas ON will continue to send monthly bills until your British Gas account is ready. We will then send you a final bill.

What will happen to the credit on my AvantiGas ON account?

If you have a credit on your account after your final bill, AvantiGas ON will transfer it to your new British Gas account. You will see your credit deducted from your gas charges on your first British Gas bill.

Do I need to do anything?

When your British Gas account is ready, we will ask you to 

 - Provide a meter reading to get your account started with British Gas. This reading will also be used to close your account with us.

How do I set up a Direct Debit with British Gas?

If you already pay by Direct Debit, please do not cancel it. We'll transfer your Direct Debit to your new British Gas account for you. The only difference is that it will say ‘British Gas Business’ on your bank/building society statement.

I have a query with AvantiGas ON, what do I do?

If you've raised a query with AvantiGas ON, we will continue to help you.

I'm just about to join AvantiGas ON, will my transfer still go ahead?

Yes, instead of joining AvantiGas ON you will join British Gas on your planned start date. Your terms and conditions, and any agreed fixed prices, will stay the same until the end of your contract term.

I'm about to move out of my business premises, how do I close my account?

British Gas will need to set you up on their system before your account can be closed. Once everything is setup, we'll write to you with details of your British Gas account and how you can let us know about the move.

If you’ve already moved, please contact us and we will close your account and send you a final bill. 

I've started switching to another supplier, will my transfer still go ahead?

Yes, your transfer should go ahead as normal and you'll hear from your new supplier. If not, you can start your switch again five days after your new British Gas account is setup.

There are some circumstances when your switch may not go ahead. This could be because you're in a contract or you have an outstanding balance on your account.

How do I contact AvantiGas ON?

We will still be able to help with any questions about your account until your account has been set up with British Gas.

British Gas will write to let you know when your new account is ready, and how to get in touch with us.  

What do I do if there's an emergency with my gas supply?

The National Gas Emergency number is 0800 111 999.

Call for free if you think you have a gas leak, or you're worried that fumes are escaping from a gas appliance containing carbon monoxide.

Will AvantiGas continue to supply LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases)?

Yes, AvantiGas will continue to supply off-grid LPG and related products to the United Kingdom. If you buy LPG from AvantiGas, your service will continue with AvantiGas.

Will transferring to British Gas affect my eligibility for the Energy Bill Relief Scheme?

If you're eligible for the government's Energy Bill Relief scheme, there's no need to worry as you'll continue to be eligible when British Gas takes over your contract.

If you're eligible, you don't need to do anything, we'll apply the discount to your bill automatically

For any further questions you may have, please visit the British Gas website here.