Faster, simpler, and better was AvantiGas ON’s ethos when it lit up the market last year, and it appears the mains gas provider has lived up to its promise. 16 months after entering the market, the supplier’s above and beyond approach has ensured it has become the go-to for businesses looking for a customer-centric approach to energy – something which is mirrored in its independently conducted customer engagement survey, delivering a positive NPS (Net Promoter Score) score in the first year.

In it for the long haul, AvantiGas ON lives and breathes energy. Part of a global powerhouse in UGI Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, it has centuries’ worth of knowledge at its fingertips. Operating across 18 countries, with over 3 million customers UGI has a long track record of working with businesses on developing their energy strategy.

Still in its infancy, AvantiGas ON has gone from strength to strength since its inception in June 2017. Having secured more than 1200 supply points, it now boasts businesses up and down the country – and impressively, the mains gas supplier has received zero complaints from its delighted customer base. This, according to AvantiGas ON’s Head of Commercial and Sales, is due to the company structure and philosophy which it set out from day one.  Never putting a premium on expertise, the centrally-located supply team uses experience and trading connections to get the best price possible for commercial gas customers now and in the future.

“We created AvantiGas ON with the sole intention of keeping customers at the heart of everything we do,” said Nicholas Gupwell. “Our focus has been ensuring we have simple, fair, and straightforward products. Furthermore, we ensure we target the right type of customers through the right means to guarantee we are able to deliver exactly what is promised.”

The company’s emphasis on the customer is also echoed in its details; invoices are manually checked to ensure customers are being billed correctly.

Despite its huge growth, supplying businesses remains its focus. “We aim to continue to build on our impressive growth through customer centric acquisition channels and strong retention rates, growing tenfold over the coming year,” added Nicholas. “We are currently looking at the best and most sustainable ways of growing – without compromising our values. However, we are solely focussed on our efforts to offer B2B and I&C customers the best solution.”


The natural gas arm of AvantiGas, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of LPG and gas cylinders, AvantiGas ON was borne out of a desire to inject new life into the mains gas market, widening reach and appeal – all while providing a simple and effortless service to customers.

The future for AvantiGas ON looks incredibly bright with a move into power set for 2019, resulting in further projected growth of the business and a drive to maintain its 100% customer satisfaction record.