Over the last eighteen months global economies have been stretched beyond measure with the Covid pandemic.  Economies have faced turbulence, and we are living through unprecedented times.

The news is full of further unprecedented issues related to the energy markets. These have combined to bring pricing volatility and hikes in Gas commodity prices.

At AvantiGas ON we would like to give our customers and stakeholders comfort that we are well set to meet these challenges because of the strength that lies behind our business. We may be a relatively small energy supplier in the UK but supporting us we have the size and strength of one of America’s largest energy providers.

UGI Corporation is listed as a Fortune 500 business and named as one of the top 250 Global Energy Companies. On a global basis we serve millions of customers with a combination of LPG, Natural Gas, Power and Renewables. Operating for the past 135 years we have paid dividends to shareholders, increasing year on year for over 30 years.  Our financial results speak for themselves.

In the US alone we service 1.6m customers across 50 states, supplying over 1bn gallons of LPG on an annual basis. Further financial and company information can be found at:

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Across Europe UGI International operates in 17 countries, being the LPG market leader in the majority of these. AvantiGas ON is part of the UGI International group, known as Energy Marketing. Our function is to supply both natural gas, power, and increasingly renewable energy. Green energy will – and must - become a priority for us all – and we are not alone in actively pursuing the decarbonisation agenda.  A recent acquisition in the French market provides us with further expertise and access to an increasingly important biomethane market.

Whilst all these figures highlight the strength of the organisation that sits behind AvantiGas ON – what we feel is just as important is the team that holds all this together for our customers and stakeholders.  Our UGI family has over 200 years’ worth of energy experience – a team dedicated to serving you in the best way we can with honesty and integrity, and having hedged all our contracts, rest assured that AvantiGas ON will be here long term to support your energy needs. 

However, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.